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ruffled petals


I think that might have been the longest away yet for me. My mom has been ill and I've been staying with her, sleeping on the couch, trying to keep her comfortable at home. That has meant being away from pretty much everything. The past few days have been better though, with family and friendly assistance so I've had a chance to come back home a little, though still not to the studio.

My camera is full of images from the wedding in Florida, but I'm going to upload and edit those later. For now, I thought I would share this flower garden I made some time ago. Nothing is glued down, it's just a temporary fooling around with paper and the sewing machine. After tearing out a stack of rounds from book pages, I sewed all around the middle of them and then just ruffled up the petals. An experiment to revisit later.


I think about blogging and all of you, dear friends. Just can't get to it right now as often as I used to. Hoping that Mom feels better very soon, we are all cheering her on with lots and lots of  love and the essential sense of humor -and courage- she spent her life instilling in each of us. xoC

the plant thief

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