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aretha, mr. song and my darling mo


Aretha's inaugural hat was a big hit at our house. It was one of our favorite moments on that day so full of Moments that we couldn't even count them all.

A few weeks later I went off on some errands and left Mo at home. I was in crazy mouse mode for the Valentine's mice orders and had several in different stages waiting to be finished up on the kitchen table. Mo suggested that I make one with a hat like Aretha's. She thought that would be a great seller. Excellent idea, but how would we even do that? and I've just got to get these done and then we'll see.... Burn-out was looming.

I know she was wishing she was back at school, missing her friends, getting excited for her Sydney semester, but kind of stuck in neutral. There was so much tension that day- me wanting help from her in some undefined, inarticulate way, she not wanting me to bother her in the way that I do when I'm stressed - and inarticulate. I was glad to be getting out of the house. She was probably relieved to see me go.

She was still there on the couch texting when I came back. You know, I'm so grateful that I took a deep breath before I said anything. It was just enough time for her to look at me, all smiles and say, go over and see what I did. What? Where? Over on the mouse table.

And there it was. Her adorable mouse, dressed in her fabulous inaugural hat, completely awesome in every imaginable, glittering way. Beautifully engineered, crafted and stitched while I was out. I love her so much! ....and yes, the mouse too.

So why blog this now? That was way back in February. Missed the chance to have her show me how to make a million teensy inaugural hats made famous by Mr. Song. They would certainly have been the hit she imagined. Her dear mouse sits here on my desk, watching me fill the days blogging, tinkering and all else. I'm seriously missing Mo. Of course, she is loving everything about Sydney and school there, currently off touring the country on spring break. (We said no to Thailand, so she made other plans.) This morning's email was a breathless travelogue of her incredible continuing adventures all over Australia .... including  ..... skydiving! (Thankfully, she is smart enough to know that we so did not need to know that was on the trip itinerary.)

Her email ended with a p.s. I met a boy......

That's all she said about him. Just some trailing dots for the imagination to carry on. If he turns out to be the love of her life, I really, really hope he's from the river town next door ..... and also please, please, not be the skydiving instructor.

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