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fast forward to autumn


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So, are you making plans for November in Omaha? I've had a few emails about the details of Silver Bella and see that the blog answers many of those questions. Even if you have never been before, it's a unique opportunity to take off on your own and meet lots of like-minded women pursuing art, sisterhood, adventure and fun. Every class is designed for the novice but suitable for the expert too. Students and teachers share their materials, know-how and friendship.

One attendee last year sat by me on the hotel shuttle back to the airport. It was her first arts retreat. She didn't know anyone when she arrived, had never really even tried some of the class techniques, but heading off to the airport, she was in a blissful trance. Everyone was chatting away like old friends about the amazing weekend. She broke out of her daydream to chime in. "No kidding! I see my life now in 2 parts- before Silver Bella, after Silver Bella."


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Kind of says it all. Hoping to see you there! xoC

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