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These tulips have worked hard this week. Inspiration for a dinner Friday, the camera Saturday and Sunday and again on Monday. This morning they had another turn as I tried to get a project underway.


Like a slow burning fire, they constantly draw me over there. I just want to sit and stare, wait for the petals to yawn a little bit more, drop dusty pollen on my table, drink more water, lean into the light. Every day since they got here, they make me so completely distracted.


I stepped away and went out to the mailbox.


Forget the day's project. And pretty much, the tulips, too.


Still reading this lovely new issue cover to cover. My art and blogging friends are there- in my article about our well wishes project and in several others too. The April issue of Somerset Life is such a beautiful collection of art, design, photography, grace. Hoping you see it somewhere soon. It will inspire you.

Even longer than a bundle of glowing tulips. xoC

for rebecca's house

happy st. patrick's day