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blue vase in bloom


In '96 or '97, my friend Anne (happy birthday- today!) and I went to Shipshewana, Indiana with Barbara Martin to do a story for the Home Companion. It was one of those shopping sidetrips, Saturday Mornings: 2 pals off to the country auction.  In a freeeeeezing cold livestock barn early in the morning, we wandered through the box lots of intriguing junk and folk art antiques. Barbara was earnestly snapping pictures of us as we snooped the goods and then later too when we bid on things.

More than anything, I wanted this pale blue, hand-painted glass vase.

I didn't win it. I can't remember why. Maybe I stopped to warm my hands or look at polaroids or move to a brighter spot, but I missed it.

I do remember that as soon as we were finished with "business," I trailed that unsuspecting winner to the parking lot and offered to buy her $5 vase. She happily gave it up for $8.00.

On Saturday, it came down from the kitchen shelf, perfect for these flowers. In bloom once more for a lucky girl.


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