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all the comforts


Our weekend was comfy, sweet and colorful, thanks to Andy's beautiful Valentine bouquets and chocolates for each of us. He always chooses the prettiest flowers!

Mo is still packing, getting the details wrapped up for her big adventure. Maggie, Grammy and I watched from the sofa, helping only when asked. She really prefers to do this on her own- without the cackling hens calling out about sunscreen, hats, sensible shoes. But she also wants to be with us and stopped by our perch to squeeze in from time to time. We are going to miss her so much.

Australia continues to work on recovery after the fires and a reader alerted me to this blog. There is a scrapbooking project underway to help folks restore some of their lost memories. Such a great idea. I've shipped several Etsy packages to Australia and find that the cost isn't nearly as much as we imagine.

And I read on Amanda's blog that there are other projects too. We have so much to share. Even little things mean a lot for those who have nothing left.

Wishing everyone a fine day full of comfort- with a little extra to spare. xoC

blue vase in bloom

love, sweet love