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love-ly sachet



For a quick valentine, make this little sachet from fabric scraps.

It's only about 5" tall from handle top to purse bottom. (Realizing that the photo makes it look bigger, but it's hanging on an antique spice cabinet drawer knob- not a dresser.)

  • Cut two pieces of scrap fabric roughly 5 x 5".

  • A tiny piece of muslin gets a love-ly message stamped on it and is then topstitched onto the front of one of the pieces.

  • Right sides together, stitch along the sides and bottom to create a little purse, slightly wider near the top. (You could make a template or just wing it as I did.)

  • Turn and fill the open pocket with lavender or some other sachet filling. Roll the top down and topstitch shut.

  • Add a button to resemble a handbag clasp and a bit of repurposed trim for a handle.

  • Dang, that's cute! And easy too.

love, sweet love

hearts away