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all about the ears


Getting everyone ready to go. My sweet friends are all over the house now - in bowls, baskets, boxes. Each one a little secret agent with an assignment, the love-mice are nearly on their way.....

Last night we took Grammy out to dinner. The evening was planned in advance to either celebrate or commiserate after her appointment with a new audiologist up here. Mom is desperate to hear better, to not feel so isolated, so out of it. We didn't know what the doctor would say after her evaluation, but she came back all smiles and computer-adjusted Mom's hearing aids to increase her hearing by a rockin' 20%!

So, it was a celebration after all. At dinner, we settled into our family-sized table in a quiet corner of the quiet restaurant and ordered. And then our cute, cute Mo raised her glass and proposed a toast to her Grammy. Cheers to your ears!

And everyone laughed.

flower time

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