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stone barns

What a great surprise last night to see our own Stone Barns on Top Chef! And there were the lambs, their dog, the chickens, the pigs, the fields and barns that we love to visit.

But then, o, no, there was the lamb again!
On the table.

It is a working farm and it does support a restaurant. If you were a big fan of lamb, I guess this would be the place to go. But not on my list, I only like them in the meadow.


For us, Stone Barns is a nature center, a chance to visit with animals, dogs and their people, a place to tiptoe through muddy fields, glimpse a turkey wandering in the woods, discover a herd, a flock, a harvest. I used to go there much more often because Jake liked to walk there too. He loved the attention of giddy children and friendly dogs. He would stare at the cows wondering what kind of ginormous dog that could be.

You can peek in the kitchen windows and watch their own top chefs prep for the evening.


Walk into the greenhouse and smell spring in fall. A seasonal farmer's market is there too.



And if you are lucky and plan ahead, you can have dinner in the award-winning restaurant, although I've never managed that.


There is also an outdoor cafe with a pavillion for common tables. Visitors rest there, enjoy the simple foods, watch their children romp around the courtyard, dropping bits of sandwiches all around the tables and plaza.

Jake liked it right there too.

Probably best of all.


flights and flocks

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