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trotting around


It's been busy in here- mostly a recovery effort from the holidays and new furniture delivered. We finally have a new sofa that will accomodate the gang all in one room to watch the game- or just be together. It's nice. But it was something like a Chinese puzzle in here, one move to the left or right threw everything into real chaos (mostly me). Getting it back together now and it really is much improved.

Before we got socked by another snow and ice storm, there was a Sunday just recently that was strangely balmy and spring like. Everyone was out soaking up the warmth and the rain that was sweetly refreshing. Mom and I had lunch at the diner and then wondering what to do next, I just headed the car south for the city. I love that drive in along the Hudson, the river on the right like a silvery grey ribbon.

After the move here, Mom still hadn't been into the city yet. Walking with a cane now, she finds the city scene quite challenging, even though she used to come for weekends with my dad or for buying trips when she had a shop. It's easy to forget that it's right here, just down the way. 40 minutes or so.


So many people were out, crowding the sidewalks, moving briskly, bustling. Children running ahead, waiting for their parents to catch up. Dog walkers, shoppers, joggers, couples strolling. It kept traffic moving very slowly. Gratefully, we joined the inching crawl around Central Park- quite perfectly paced for our adventure. Mom picked out her favorites. The Dakota.  The Museum of Natural History. The Frick. The Pierre. Bendel's. The Plaza. The carriage stand. Memories and anecdotes filled the car and drifted out through the open windows over the heads of the bustlers.


And then we simply headed home, north with the river playing on the left. A charming, happy little dream, our Sunday at the park.

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