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bright new year


Not sure why, but the new year gives me dizzying focus issues- which accounts for the gap in posts here. I am for sure excited about everything to come, but also feel a need to really get it together, organize everything, focus on that bigger picture with a solid plan. That probably happens to lots of people. The pressure we put on ourselves at holiday time and then again afterward with new year's resolutions is overwhelming. Throw the perfect pass this time. Make it count.

Looking ahead, our girls pretty much have the big news for 2009-


Erin and John Paul have chosen a date and a state. The end of August here in New York!


Maggie has just started a wonderful new job closer to home- no more subways.


Momo is heading to Sydney, Australia this semester for study abroad. (Calling any Australian blog readers who can hold my virtual hand when I'm freaking out.)

So while I'm distracted by studio, homekeeping, and all else in these first days, I often stop and think, wow.... 2009. Sheesh, this one looks really big.

Going one day at a time. Resolutions not required.

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