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holiday left-overs


Well, that was fast, wasn't it? Christmas came and went as quickly as St. Nick and his sleigh swooping by overhead. Turns out, he did stop here. Happy and lazy now, we are wandering around in sweats and slippers, from coffee pot to couch to table in a colorful sea of boxes, tissue and ribbons.

Before you drag all that cardboard and wrapping paper to the recycling bin, look at it once more with an eye for crafts. I think it's perfect for projects like this favorite. Or this one!

Or this one from my first book, ranking forever on our own list of top 10. Also thinking a decoupaged plate would be an easy way to use some of that rumpled tissue. And this last idea from way back in the archives.

All good reasons to stay home and play. And maybe make time to pack up the reindeer collection for next year. Happy weekend. xoC

sweet mountain holiday :: six