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the bella bender


I just read on the message board that someone's niece called this the Bella Bender....o, yes, that's a perfect description. And I didn't even have much to drink. But it was a crazy craft high, a creative love fest where we all came away with something to be inspired by. Mostly each other.


The whole thing is hard to explain to anyone who doesn't get excited about dusty boxes of yellowing lace, curling black and white snapshots, pools of paint, glue and glitter, fast talking girls hard at work, shared stashes of buttons, brittle scraps of flocked wallpaper, little paper houses and soldering irons. On our way to the airport heading home, one woman said she now saw her life in 2 parts: before Silver Bella and after Silver Bella. Completely serious.


For me, it was all of the above plus the delight of being with so many talented, generous, caring women. Old and new friends. It just fills you up.


My Prada Schmada class was a wild success and those 60 fabulous decorated, painted, trimmed bags toted all over the hotel were so cool to see on the arms of happy girls. I had never taught that class to anyone- invented just for the occasion. I was so worried that it would be too many processes for the amount of time, too complicated to carve potatoes, let paint dry, sew on pockets. Heck, no! The idea took off like a kid on a bike and was so, so much fun! I was seriously blown away. Bella bliss. Big time.

Thank you, Anna Griffin, Plaid and Marcus Brothers. Your contributions made this class the coolest ever!

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Even our trash was inspired and memorable.

Have to take a breath here. Tomorrow I'll show you the second class round-up. Holiday House Tour. Too sweet!


little houses everywhere

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