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take time to sit still


All of the little things are falling into place. Boxes unpacked, furniture set up and cupboards stocked. Mom is onto her favorite part, moving her treasures from table to table, creating that perfectly perfect vignette. She's happy to be fully in her apartment- adoring the view, the light that bounces from river to rooms, the changing parade of barges, tugs and boats.


One of these days we'll take time out to sit on her balcony and read the paper over coffee, plan the next steps. Part Two is daunting: doctors, helpers, friends, community. I am so ready to drop into a chair and just watch the river meander along. No time to waste, October's honey-colored days are changing to frisky tempests with rain and wind tearing at the trees. I always forget there's a time limit on this seasonal daydream. Rushing through, it's too easy to think it will wait.


Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn. 

~ Elizabeth Lawrence


the blaze

booking around