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Awesome zinnias. Their final showing took place inside my favorite small kitchen pitcher. 

Momo is coming home tonight! This weekend is the annual department inspection and she hasn't missed it yet. Dress uniform back from the cleaners, new flowers on her dresser, everything as shiny as it gets here. We are very excited to have her coming home. That first month or so away is hard for all of us, every year. Erin and John Paul are coming in too (!!) and Maggie and James have tickets for us to go to this! For the old parents here, it feels like Christmas.

Take a minute to visit Pam and see what we've been up to lately. Some of you have waited quite awhile for this. At last, a small reveal of your beautiful work. Thank you so much for your art .... and your great patience.

Hope you all have a lovely early autumn weekend- being in and outside with your gang. Such an inspired time of year. xoC

P.S. edit....New family trivia just off the wire: my mom graduated from WashU.... in the very same room that the debate will be held in tonight. Yeah, Grammy!

where is everyone?

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