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too much, not enough


That day in July at the farmer's market I walked around just taking pictures of food. It was all so pretty. I could have anything I wanted there, but couldn't think of how I would prepare some things, so I stood and admired the forms and colors. Such a luxury.

Today I heard another report about the devastating food crisis in Haiti where most people are subsisting on mudcakes. Mud mixed with water and oil. That's it. Mud!

There's plenty of mud and water after the hurricanes. People are living on rooftop islands eating dirt, drinking contaminated water, suffering terribly. We can change that. We've been flexing our blog muscles trying to improve several heartwrenching situations. We have joined together and made a real difference.


Consider any of these options.

** Donate to this organization. The United Nations World Food Programme. Haiti is their number 1 cause right now.

** Make a contribution to Rebecca's mission to build a house in Haiti this fall.

** Play Free Rice. I taught my mom how to play this when she was here. No more solitaire. She's earning rice for the world now- and excitedly letting me know what her tally is. She's also keeping her vocab skills sharp. (They have a math program and an art history one as well.) The link is also on my sidebar.


We have so much. More than enough to share. Please help in any way you can. xoC

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