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I made this clock for Amy's nursery when she was starting that up last January. Knowing that someday I would get to this how-to, I managed a few photos as I worked so I could show you. It's really easy to make.


I started with an 18" pizza box top (untouched by pizza grease). You could also use a cardboard box. Place an 8 or 10" plate in the center and trace it for the clock face. Outside of this, draw and then cut out a big free-form sunflower shape. (You could use another motif: a house, a heart, a cuckoo clock, whatever shape would give you enough room for the face proportionate to your clock hands.) Use a brown paper grocery sack or kraft paper and Mod Podge to cover the whole thing and wrap the edges. Both sides. This is important because otherwise it will warp later. Both sides. Then paint both sides white.


Paint the front yellow. The white undercoat makes the yellow brighter and richer. When dry, retrace and redraw the clock face off the plate.


Paint the clock face orange and outline the outer edge of the flower petals with orange too. Use a button or coin to trace number circles evenly all around. Choose a directional top for the clock: 12 o'clock.


For the clock mechanism, use an awl to pierce the center. Check to be sure your purchased clock mechanism will fit through comfortably according to its installation directions. Remove and set that aside for a bit. Paint the number circles white.


Handpaint a big smiling face in the orange center with black paint. I recommend asking your kid to draw it on if she is around. Hers will be cooler, with more charm. With black paint and a fine brush or a paint marker, paint the numbers inside the white circles and that's about it. Let it dry overnight. You could seal it with a coat or two of Mod Podge on both sides. I don't think I did though.

When it's dry and ready to finish, re-insert the clock mechanism as planned and attach the clock hands. Install a battery and use the self-hanger to hang the finished clock on the wall. Easy enough, right?Room_4  

If I could wake up in this adorable room at Amy's house, I'd be sunny and happy and inspired every day. How could you not be? 

For some more free fun on a Monday, try this link. How many are there of YOU?  There are only 85 of me (and one of those is Mo), but if they had called me Lottie (my grandmother's nickname), I could have been 1 out of 12.


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