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Our garden club reconvened today after a summer off. It was wonderful to see everyone again and catch up on summer stories. After the general meeting, I led a workshop on creating a garden journal from a blank sketchbook. (She laughs here.) A great creative project except that my garden is not a garden- more a default wildlife sanctuary for local critters. They do need somewhere to be.

I started out by saying that a journal is like a garden....it's only interesting when something personal is planted there, tended and grown. Taking my own advice, I'm going to have to rework the title on mine. Maybe it could say, In the Studio. I sure have planted plenty of little things in here, and they do need tending.


I made this felt Posy Pillow for the NieNie Benefit Sale (link on right sidebar too) taking place over here. It should be among the items featured Friday at 10 am PST. Check back to see if it's up there then.  (Sold.) So many darling things for such a good cause. And of course, we did our bit here too. Still feeling very proud of that.


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