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pollen party


I am so happy about the auction results and the generous bids for the NieMice. Christy won them and when she forwarded her donation receipt, it was for considerably more than her winning bid. It brought tears here- made me feel so grateful that the world - my world- our world- your world is made up of goodness and kindness. Thank you all for sharing in that, paying it forward.

This sunny sideyard garden is from my friend Jane's house. We spent this September 11th together at the river, looking at the NY skyline. Later I was slow backing out of her driveway after dropping her off and she was calling to me from the kitchen window up there.

What in the world are you doing?

Me, camera out the car window, yelling back: Trying to get a snapshot of these amazing flowers against your house- and a million bees that love them too! They're having a huge pollen party out here tonight!

It was so comforting to watch. All these golden bees, lacing through the air, just being their natural selves, doing what bees do- the best they can, the only way they know. Collect pollen, make honey. Sustain the world we live in. One little bit at a time.

Just like all of you. xoC

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