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Time to straighten up here a little. Just put my mom on the plane home and feeling like I've been away for a week when most of it was really mostly here. Know what I mean? Vacationing in your own spot. Kind of. A few things I wanted to tell you-

  • I was helping my mom with some paperwork that required her social security number. She pulled the tattered card from her wallet and even though she needs it all the time for doctors and can't really remember the numbers, I decided that wasn't a good idea. At all. These days, I think no one should carry that in their wallet anymore. Stuff gets swiped and then the evil-doers have all your info plus your card. Ack! That kind of worry keeps me awake at night. So, here's what I do now and did for my mom. On a sturdy card that fits in your wallet, write your grandmother's (or dog's or pony's) first name and what appears to be a phone number. Add an extra zero to the beginning or end to make the digits match up to a phone number + area code. A thief wouldn't know what that is when rifling through your i.d's and credit cards, but you do. Then put the actual SSN card somewhere safe at home. (Not in a library book as a bookmark which a young friend did....and then returned the book with it in there!)
  • Sweet Sarah over here tagged me awhile ago for the Brillante Weblog award. I am late responding but grateful, honored and passing it on to Katie at the Constant Gatherer. I think it means more if it just goes to one person at a time. And I know I'm being lazy and breaking the rules, but that's sometimes the way I am. Still think it means more going to one person.
  • Like everyone else, I am haunted by the tragic story of the Nielsons. Although I had not been acquainted with her blog, I do understand how much it means to feel that support, from those we know and those we don't. There is a place to donate directly to the recovery fund on the sidebar of the blog and tomorrow I will auction something I made here on my blog for their fundraising efforts too. Stop back to see.
  • Off to work on that now. xoC 

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