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photo stand from an old book


When we were in Michigan several weeks ago, we came upon an old tattered book of hand-colored plot surveys from the turn of the century. The cover was falling off, but inside were beautiful canvas-backed pages that we ended up removing to divide among us. We drew numbers for the title page, elegantly embellished with vintage fonts and information announcing the collection. Lucky Carolyn won that.

Someone headed to the trash bin with the leftover spine and I suddenly decided that I wanted it. What for? O, hmmm, (turning it over in my hand trying to think of a reason to keep it) well, I think .... it could be ..... um .... a photo stand! Saved and carted home on the plane, this giant-sized 18" long book spine has come to be that.


The canvas pages left all that raggedy fraying which I love and the page remnants are deep enough that the photos slip right inside and stay upright. I think any book might work this way. A thick one, like an old atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary or textbook maybe. So next time you deconstruct an old book, try cutting the pages out leaving a margin in tact. Turn the spine flat on its back as I did and place photos and cards in the center area of the pages. I hope that works. Since I didn't set out to create this, I'm not sure what else should be considered. Let me know what you find out.


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