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cart full of fun


Just finished restocking the etsy shop with Crafted book and scrap kits. Some of you emailed and asked me to set one aside, but I can't figure out how to do that reserve thing on etsy so if they sell out, email me again. There are a bunch of them there now though. (edit....sold out, but will make more soon.)

I've had my summer's worth of vacations, the last of which I need to fill you in on soon (hint: Postmark pals!), but now it's on to painting Mo's room, a spontaneous garage sale, and a deadline for product development. Maybe should switch that order of things around. Design deadline first. Today.

Just remembered the Olympics are about a week away. Sitting in front of the TV is a good time for crafting too, so be prepared. Get your super-sweet-craft kit here.   xoC

still going

new book + kits