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letting you know


First off- you can't imagine how touched I was by those thoughtful, sweet, kind, articulate comments and emails about blogging. Thank you so much. I'll do my best to stay on that wandering path with those markers in mind. I do appreciate the reassurances, but also just loved hearing your smart, intuitive thoughts on blogging. A few made me grab the tissue box. 

But I had to let you know today about the Silver Bella registration which will be tomorrow evening. (The dates are actually Nov 13-15 which gets you there in time for the night-before party.) Many of you attended last year and know how amazing it is, how unique this gathering is in the vast landscape of art retreats. Teresa has built something so special and this year will be no exception. (Some exciting news still to be shared.) If you thought about coming, please do. It kind of changed my life -- not kind of -- yes, it did change my life. Just like blogging -- the women I met there (some becoming close friends), the way I feel about my work, the community of artists, the creative energy and inspiration. 


Go to the Silver Bella blog and read the class descriptions. Fantastic fun. Pick your favorites and get your timers out. It sells out so fast. I would love to see you there. xoC


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