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summer blogging


It seems like so many of my favorite blogs are timing out for the summer. One after another is announcing a brief or perhaps longer vacation from the keyboard. Can't blame them. Blogging takes a tremendous amount of time and suddenly there are so many new blogs, really fine blogs that offer a ton of inspiration and information. Some days, it is hard to do much more than hover here and wait for it to fly across the screen. Of course, there is more to the process though. The child lingering near the door, the basket of half-finished work, the chattering wren outside the window, cupcakes in the oven. And the much needed walk to stretch the legs again.

We have had several nice getaways, chances to be somewhere else, to recharge with friends and family. Chances to step outside my studio and be reminded that the real world is still so full of the bits and pieces that collect inside me. Lots of exciting things in the works, wonderful projects and a few getaways still to come.

But sometimes I kind of wonder what to do with this blog. What's right about it, what could change. Is it time to redesign, refocus, slow it down? This morning I stumbled upon this post. It's so helpful to read thoughts like these. Many of them make perfect sense to me. So before I start to ramble on in much the way that those readers say we should not (certainly not without another image anyway), I would be interested to know-- Which way should we go? What do you look for in a favorite blog?


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