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blue ribbon dad


That memory tree was a big hit on Mother's Day. Erin confided that they may have raised the bar beyond their own abilities. Not in the slightest way was that the case. Our girls cooked up a feast and sat down to celebrate their adored dad in a similar way, but just a little different. More his style, they made beautiful handmade accordion books, each full of their favorite memories of his Super Dad moments. It was lovely.

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So dear -- not a dry eye here as he read the collected pages. Even he took a very deep breath once or twice. But there were laughs too, and in their grand plan for the day, there was more in the works. 


We headed off north to Mt. Kisco where we went to class first for training. Then we suited up and set off on the track. All of us (even anxious me!) One delighted dad and his darling girls, the only female drivers adventuring onto the track that afternoon.

He was so happy. Start to finish, they rocked it.

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Absolutely. They always do!

studio toss and cupcakes

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