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at the shackteau


I feel a touch spoiled to have had so many travel adventures already this spring and summer. Seems as though I'm always saying goodby here and then coming back to you with tales of a dreamy escape. This time I accepted a lovely invitation to Wisconsin for a few days at the lake with old friends I had not seen in a decade. Nan and Robyn. Our friend, Pat, was expected to come too, but sadly, she could not. We missed her.


For the three of us, it was as if we had never been apart except that I had 10 years of explaining to do. We picked up right where we left off, when I cried my eyes out and moved off to NY.


So we sat out by the lake at Nan's Shackteau, waving our glasses, battling the mosquitoes while we sorted the new universe of things.



In spite of all the BIG things that happened in that time apart, the rest was all as before- that special kind of perennial friendship flowering at the end of the path where our children played. Dormant, then uncovered, tended and springing up anew.

I'm feeling lucky again for so much in the way of friendship and love. And Culver's ice cream. Oh, boy, so much of that - quite fabulous too. 

blue ribbon dad

scrap collage