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start your aprons now


Every once in awhile, I look at one of these pretty aprons I have hanging around (and there are several) and think- when are you ever going to use that? You know, put it on...cook in it, clean in it...just put it to work and enjoy it. (Although you might recognize one of these as a prop in the book.) Well, that's my plan for this long weekend. There is so much to do here that keeps getting pushed aside so I can get back to the keyboard or the studio. A stack of work orders on the desk- designs to noodle out, sketches to send, projects to finish. All your kind and thoughtful emails to answer.

But there is that other buzz too- taking place away from here- in the rooms, through the doors just steps away. Our anniversary, children home, parades, food, friends....aprons. I'm there.

Wishing you all a safe holiday weekend- getting out those neatly folded parts of your life- or even the ones that need a little extra care. Wrinkled and rumpled, they are still our favorites- the ones we love the most. xoC

memorial day

pink smiles