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crowded house


Year's end at school. Mo made it safely home across country with three good friends who have been staying with us for several days. I love having them here and the way they change up the sleepy scene. Running back and forth from the train to the shower to the table to the couch, cell phones chirping, hair dryers whining, laptops humming. And all four of them shoulder to shoulder, connected to each other on every little thing, their settled plan, the past and future.

A few posts ago I was saying that one of our houses was too big for us, long ago when we were just starting out. The days of chasing small toys, herding boots, caps, mittens, hauling bushels of laundry. I wished for a cottage where we could be cozy in small spaces sized for our little family. The next house was more like that, especially with its front porch that kept us all close even when outside. Can't really call this present house a cottage, but it is surely small enough to fit that storybook fantasy. The reality is much less tidy than the dream. Stepping over the duffels and handbags and heels, I realize again that we are always chasing something, reaching for that imagined just-so.

I'm off to the stove with another bowl full of pancake batter and a stack of plates. The lovelies are beginning one more adventurous day with us. But first, clear off a chair here at the table, Goldilocks. I think this one is possibly just right.

happy mother's day

wool again