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I imagine that the results you came to read about are for the giveaway, but perhaps you won't mind a short recap of the house tour first.


A worried, grey day turned brighter just as the gates opened.


Visitors trickled in and wandered the estate grounds, buildings and points of interest.


A few discoveries on the tour included the beloved pet cemetery,



our oldest building, a hangout for Revolutionary War patriots,


and the prettiest handmade cookies a house tour could possibly offer.


We sold almost all the plates and took orders for a few dozen more. The event was so much fun- seeing the village stroll through, visiting with neighbors and seniors who shared stories of their own, fascinating notes rounding out the real history of a place. I think it was a lovely day for everyone- thanks to the great generosity of the homeowner.

**** Okay, on to the giveaway winner- it is Stacey, randomly chosen with this comment:  Lovely! Looking forward to your "mystery" project. Thanks, everyone, for your visits and kind comments. Almost ready to tell you more about that mystery project- and another giveaway. Soon. xoC

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