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I'm really happy that you all signed in for the first giveaway. I already have another one ready to post, but I'm waiting a bit. Comments are still collecting for this one- which is okay until I randomly pick and post the winner. Thinking I might put together an extra bundle because I am so grateful for all this wool love!

Grey skies outside have me looking around inside here. I spent some time studying this scene this morning where a bunch of my favorite things live on the sideboard. In no particular order, they are:

A. The ship in a bottle that Andy made just before Erin was born. 1978. He used an old gin bottle, carved the ship and masts, built special tools for the task, made ten tiny parchment sails, created the water from putty, painted it, magically installed the boat inside. All a first effort, one and only- a spectacular piece of craftsmanship.

B. Maggie's coil pot from high school art class, 1996. It's centerpiece-sized huge and has the prettiest glaze and shape. Someday it will go away with her. For now, it's safely adored here.

C. My grandmother's ginger jar. The origin of my fondness for that color, it makes me think of porch divans, lemon drops in crystal dishes, Pendleton jackets with big patch pockets, her love for my mom, then me.

D. The tiny teapot that Anne suggested Andy get for me, maybe Christmas 1991. She saw me admire it in Chicago's Chinatown when we were out exploring the local universe with our children. I think he was fairly bewildered about why I wanted that. The top has this little frog sitting in a seeded flower center. He went all the way back there just to find that again for me. 

E. An old hand-painted tole tray that I picked up along the way, probably at a church sale. The colors and flowers are just right, but the best part is on the back where the artist painted first to practice the sweep of her stroke. Even those are beautifully done.

F. The cobalt vase that Erin and Andy brought back to me from Italy. Always the one I reach for.

G. Lilacs, which I do love. But these, even more so. Probably why I was looking here in the first place today, taking it all in. These fragrant and beautiful lilacs are a gift from James. The dear young man who loves our Maggie and brought them to me on her birthday.

In no particular order, huh? You know I saved that one especially for last. Yes, I did. I sure did.

Now, off to assemble that second bundle of wool. And a few other things. xoC

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