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green day


Butler House Garden, Kilkenny

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the studio desktop again. Home at last from a true adventure and trip of a lifetime with Andy and Mo as we criss-crossed the greening countryside of Ireland. Not sure how to put it all together, the images and miles still a little jumbled in my head, popping up like spectacular calendar pages here and there.
I do know that the Irish and all their excited visitors are celebrating today, and that I am too- though a bit more quietly with a mug of coffee, the parade playing in the background. Right about this time yesterday, I was in St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin standing beside the tomb of Jonathan Swift, listening to the choir practice before services. Amazing.

Home, home, refreshed, inspired, and feeling very lucky for so many things- mostly those right here inside our own little green nest.  xoC

the races

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