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One of my neighborhood friends brought me a packet full of stamps- torn from envelopes, collected over generations, squirreled away for their imagined value or memories perhaps. Funny how most of us would now rather have the letters inside the envelopes, the handwritten thoughts more and more precious as we move farther away from the pen and ink tradition of letter writing.

Today I am planning my trip to the post office with the tea mouse packed up and ready to send off to .... Jill ....whose comment was selected at random. She named her Fiona. I cannot tell you how touched I was to read your thoughtful comments, heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking. I loved your fantastic names for the red-eared mouse with a pearl nose- and will look at this list many times in the future, so much inspiration and imagination in the suggestions. Thank you all, especially those readers who have not commented before. It is wonderful to know you are there, every one of you. xoC

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