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An ornament for the tree from fabric scraps left over from Erin's Christmas dress in '85. I made the dress too big, but I loved the fabric so much that she wore it to please me, the sleeves rolled up like a farmer's work shirt. Next dress I made with French seams. The lace was from a jumble of beautiful trims and fabrics passed along to me when Mrs. Manassa (my mother's second husband's mother) cleaned out her sewing room. (Why-o-why didn't I say yes to her Bernina machine?)

The pinch pot/cup was harder to clue even though it has initials scratched into the clay bottom. ML 3K

We have two ML's here. Finally figured it out. 3K - only one of them had Mrs. Kemper in 3rd grade. Maggie. Whew. Would hate to not have that straight, right? 

pieces of heart :: 13

pieces of heart :: 11