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Thank you for all the kind wishes sent to Erin and John Paul. Thrilled here, though now fully realizing that a wedding is ahead for us. Yay! and then, yikes!

In the excitement of the proposal, I forgot to tell you about the class at Tinsel Trading last Saturday. I always enjoy teaching there and love seeing how each class takes on its own story and character. This one was the biggest yet- nine really fun, creative students, and the felt bags turned out so cute. I thrifted, felted and premade a bag for each student- then we played Project Runway with a lottery a la Heidi Klum and her bag of buttons. The bags were all so different depending upon the sweaters I found so I was glad that everyone was happy with their pick. And the decorations they added were each as unique as the maker- including the adorable Lia who managed to spell out her name with trims. Just darling!


After class, I stayed behind at the store awhile and discovered more irresistible things to add to the Valentine kits. Vintage seam bindings, charms, Dresden foils, craft candy. And yesterday I hit the jackpot when I came upon a basket full of antique handkerchief lace from France- so added that too. These kits are now officially Gorgeous!

Still selling through my shop, I'm getting them ready to ship. Looks like I have a kit club- faraway friends who buy each offering- which is wonderful because I know then that the instructions work, that they really do come together as planned. So, so good to know- and more than anything, I love hearing that from you. Thanks, everyone- this one is almost on its way! xoC

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