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new again


For several years now, our dear friends, the O'Connors from Oak Park, have sent us this treasured annual gift for the holidays. The box generally arrives on a day all its own.....and we eagerly gather round to open it with all the anticipation of excited children. Yay, it's here, it's here!


New socks! Bundles of one, two, three pair of thoughtfully chosen, quality, comfy, toasty, awesomely sweet socks outfitting all our happy feet for the new year. Thanks so much, you guys- we LOVE 'em- and YOU too!

Hoping that your new year promises fresh beginnings, warmth, comfort and the best gift of happiness through friendship and family. Welcome, 2008! Here we come, all good to go.....from the bottom up anyway. xoC 

stamped craft apron

remembering christmas