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a dip in the road


Well, the kits are all lined up and ready to go. Lovely bundles of materials piled in sparkling stacks, all ready to go but for the pretty packaging I ordered to finish them up. That part is lost on the delivery loading docks a mile or so from my house. All that distance and then just lost on a truck or something. Maybe it went to someone else's house. For days now, I have gone out onto the porch expecting to see that essential parcel there where it should have landed when the driver threw it my way. I had faith that if I waited a bit longer it would come, but after lengthy inquiries, the package is officially off the radar. I must make other plans and adjust. Done.

Sometimes it seems like no matter how one goes about life, it just works against you. I parked my new car on the edge of the lot for weeks, so careful of its new shiney outside and then, wham, I dented it myself, opening the door of our other car beside it on a windy day. I was kind of asking for that, and we laughed that it was fitting that I was the careless-door-dinger. But there are also situations out of your control that pop up, catch you by the toe and pull you down a rabbit hole- deeper ones. There you are, looking around in the dark, wondering how you fell in- and then how do you get out again. Do you holler for help, cry in the corner or figure out how to climb out? I'm not talking about packages and shipping now. One of my sweeties has spent the last week battling her way out of one of those frightening life-lesson tunnels. A nasty, random incident dragged her into a nightmare controversy about integrity- unwittingly, unfairly, undeservedly. Without much assistance, she had to find her way back, gingerly pull herself through the mud and climb out of the hole. She had some help from those cheering her on at the edges, in the sunlight, near the top, but it was all on her in the end.

I took the package off the list of worries, bigger things to fret about at midnight. Wise papa Andy said we would just have to have faith that the truth would win, that fairness and right would triumph as it should. At midnight, it was hard to believe that, by morning, a little easier, as each day wore on, I had thought about little else. At last, I can say that it looks as though he was right. She's okay and the truth won out. If faith was only going to work for one out of two, this was the one that mattered.

Back to kit-shipping- the adjusted version. Exhale.   xoC

P.S. of couse, as I finish this, the truck is out front. Package is here- along with one meant for a neighbor!

saint nick night

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