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amy's house


Judging from all the nice comments and emails about the Westmoreland story, most of us seem to have enjoyed happy childhoods full of memories we treasure. If only that could be the case for every child, in every home. Amy and Rich Powers have decided to become foster parents and I can honestly say that there is not a bigger heart overly full of love, kindness, patience and smiles than Amy's. I am so proud of her and Rich for taking this on, for loving and comforting the little ones adrift in the crazy world they were born into. I hope it brings them joy.

Diane and I are hosting a blog shower for them- which means that we just extend our Evite to those who wish to help cozy up the house for their children. Amy has a cheery, colorful room started up and most of the things they need, but there are plenty of extras we can fill in for their new arrivals. If you would like to participate, just email me or Diane -DWells(at)awhimsicalgarden.com- and we'll get you the details. And thanks to those who already signed on, this is going to be a lotta love headed their way- thinking there can't ever be too much of that!  xoC

a dip in the road

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