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leaving and shop news


As glorious as it was, the fall season is changing sets from the curtains of golden, scarlet, orange to a rustling blanket, now burgundy and brown. Late November. The color display stuck around for a long time this year, but I'm still sorry to see the overnight switch. One rainstorm and that's it. I took a ton of photos on my town tours and might as well get some of them up here or they won't be relevant in a day or so. Autumn is leaving, big time.

Clthline7x_2 Brine17x Soccerlvs7x Acorns7x Stbl17x

Since we are suddenly moving on to the holidays, I've put together another kit design that will debut in my own blog shop Thursday night around 7 pm ET. It's such a sweet one....thinking I will call it Westmoreland (which I will explain tomorrow). All I can think of now is what can we make? Lots and lots of ideas ahead. xoC

westmoreland drive

a few more