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How touched I am reading your sweet comments, to discover that you read and think and dream about the same things I do. Such kind words and notes-- thank you so much for taking the time to tell me.

Creative excitement has pretty much taken over the house, studio, and spirit in here, like a lingering houseguest- in a very good way, a nice one. Perhaps it is time to step away for a minute- maybe wash a dish, sort the mail, walk in the park to stretch my bones and thoughts. Fine timing. Autumn is performing in my town today. The sun is dappling the pavement, the winds are playful and the leaves are finishing their luminous dance, drifting off stage. I have to go see. 

I spent last evening trying to set up a little shop on the blog here. It's coming I hope. (edit- it's up on the top right sidebar. Click the CUTE shopping bag. Fingers crossed it works.) The boxes from Omaha should arrive today too so I'll start off with the Peace on Earth Collage kit. All I want to do is make things, but I cannot float entirely with the breeze. Chores first. Right after the walk. To see the water and the sky. And the last golden dance.  xoC


as it turns out