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bella bliss


I had never been to an art retreat. I had some idea of what to expect after reading blogs, but I don't think anyone could have prepared me for a weekend such as this one. Silver Bella. The talented students, the loyal blog-readers, the welcoming teachers, Teresa's can-do friends and family, the perfect venue, the cool city of Omaha...the ever-present enthusiasm and delight. (And the teacher gifts!) I was so swept off my feet!


Worries aside, my kits were complete, the classes were fun to teach, the right length of time with all the materials they needed and omigoodness, the students made the most inspiring creations!


I taught 3 different classes: felt tabletop trees, a wall pocket cardholder and a scrap collage illustration.

Wallpocket27 Wallpocket7Craftr7 Ggpeace7 Juliepeace7


And when all my teaching duties were finished, I still managed to stay up until 3 a.m. yakking away with a bottle of wine and a bunch of new friends. (My mother and my kids too were so happy to hear that. Honest!) I wrote a book about this kind of thing once, certainly is nice to see that it all still rings true. Yes, I had a good time. The best-ever time. Thanks so much, Teresa McFabulous! I hope I don't have to wait a year to do that again. Call your friends, go make some art and craft. Good stuff- good for every little thing. xoC 

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