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scribbles and darts


Busy, busy times here in the studio and elsewhere this week- which is my excuse for not posting much. There is time to waste apparently (as shown above), but not time to write or think through a post so this is it for today. My wonderful DH shopped out and brought home a dreamy new car - with a double-decker hatch cargo for thrifting! It's a CRV with seat warmers which was all I wanted to have in a new car. After 10 years with the old truck and a year of looking at new cars, this sleek scooter is just right...all that and more! O, I love it, but I can't draw it yet so you get this 2-seater version on the pumpkin. But that's me in there- out on the road again! Yay!   xoC

fall colors and covers

virtual pumpkins