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use it up, wear it out, make it do...


After my workshop Saturday, I signed some books and actually stopped to look inside one again, a beautiful scrapbook of my creative life at home c.1999. This beloved dollhouse project is a creation that always draws me back in and I can see that the Tinsel Trading candy house was another version of my old stand-by specialty: trash crafts. There is really no end of imaginative things that can be crafted from cardboard, cans, bottles, rags, thrown-away bits. Mo and I made this dollhouse from a cardboard box found at the curb on recycling day. Turned on its side with a divider, it provided two floors of colorful doll-living and we added a third with - what else? - more cardboard. She was about ten, the glory days of our mother-daughter crafting years. Mdahdollhousewindow7x

The window Mo is peeking through while we papier-mached the house looks alot like the door shape I often use, and it's there too in the candy house design. One of the workshop participants put a school picture of her daughter behind a cut-out window- so her face was peeking through. I loved that. I remembered Mo, winking through the window, the smile in her blue eye, her hands in a bowl full of papier mache paste. Something extraordinary from nearly nothing. Such delightful, homemade fun- gluey fingers, wild ideas, invention and excitement wrapping us up in memories and bonds that the heart never breaks. And it's so easy to do- really, just look in the trash, find some overlooked box and hold it up. What else can it be? Could be a dollhouse, a rocket ship, a cardholder, a keepsake- tomorrow it might be the most magnificent, cherished object in the world. As the saying goes...use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. Just make it do. That's so, so much sweeter.  xoC

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tinsel trading craft workshop- october