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Just so you know....making some progress here on kit-building. I think they are kind of pretty like this, even unfinished. Well, depending upon the time of day and how much I have managed to get done. Almost there. Yankees lost (fingers crossed for Joe Torre!), kids went home, but so did the cold bug- hopefully not with them.

I'm off today with Suzanne to shop the flower market for a children's workshop. Our elementary school is trying to raise money for the library improvements so the students are creating floral arrangements themed to books for the auction. The arranging will take place over a 40 minute lunch period tomorrow afternoon. Yipes, we had better be ready for fast action (sandwiches in hand?). Kids don't fuss like grown-ups do- which is why their work is always so genuine and inspiring. Can't wait to see what they do! Hope to show you too. xoC

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