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looking up


I'm still building kits and surrounded with cartons of craft elements, although I'm getting better at the assembly. Several sponsors contributed generously to my supplies- feels like the first day of school when the art teacher passes out the new sets of craypas. They are so inviting, it makes me want to stop and make something. Maybe over the weekend, but in the meantime, a few notes.

:: My workshop is next Saturday at Tinsel Trading in NYC. We are making vintage-inspired Halloween candy houses. Aside from the super-cute project, participants will have the full run of the store for material selection! Ooooo, the best fun. The kid in the candy shop...making a candy house. Still a few spots at the table if you are in the area.

:: Always in love with houses, I just had a chance to sit down with Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn's beautiful new book, In This House. So enjoy seeing the work of many artists I admire- along with the concept, format and excellent ideas for technique. They also teamed up on a fabulous new zine, Pasticcio and were kind enough to include a piece of mine and Dede's adored Jake collage.

:: Matthew Mead's site has been refreshed and redesigned for fall! Inspiration and ideas for every little thing, each a gift to admire. The ghosty milk glasses made me smile. Must make time to bake a pie or two as soon as it cools off in here.

:: Tonight I would bake that pie for our Mo- and it would be pumpkin, her favorite. Wishing she were here on a kitchen chair where I could just lean over and give her a hug. She could use one today. Look up, sweetheart- behind the clouds, the stars are always there- shining brightly for you, one of their own. xoxo


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