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On a sunny June day long ago, Andy and I walked around the corner to visit our friends, Rod and Jill, just home with their new baby. I didn't know much about babies, had never held one, considered having them, paid much attention to babies at all. On the walk home, an hour after I held Chelseah, I turned to Andy and said, O, let's have a baby! It was one of those moments for me. I remember the place where we stood on the street. And absolutely, the greatest gift for me in life has been mothering my three darling girls- something I told Chelseah a bit ago, thanking her for the adorable inspiration she was as a newborn, still is as a young woman.

Chelseah's wedding is today at 4:00, in a field by the sea. With the sun shining on an Indian summer afternoon before sunset, we will be there to wish her all the happiness and joy that this day can bring to her and Zack, their families and friends. All the best, dear Chelseah- nothing less for you, that sweet sprite with twinkling eyes, rosebud lips and a welcoming heart. xoxo   

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