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cozy corners


Cozy Corners was the first chapter (Ch.7) we brainstormed for our book. Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, the book, was a cozy corner book that outgrew the concept immediately- and just kept on going. First one was about homes, then one about Christmas, then gardens, then crafts, then children, then a magazine. Many years of good work, great fun, 3 girlfriends out and around.


I'm still partial to cozy corners, though when I page through our book, I think mine were so crowded you couldn't get in them. Harder to find in this house, I have one edited version here at the front door that I like- even though there isn't a chair (rule-breaker). Every once in a while I fluff it up and actually notice the late day sunlight skittering across favorite things. Now- flowers from James for my birthday, Mo's 3rd grade clay star full of collected river rocks, church sale polka-dot box, and a glass-doored cabinet from my childhood room- with more stuff inside. Of course.

I recently spent an evening with Mary and Phil after a little tour of their new home- which is just amazing, so inspiring, always uniquely Mary (and Phil ;) and, oh yeah, you can be sure there are plenty of cozy corners. Every room, all four corners, as cozy as they could be. Over dinner that night, in a cozy corner at a restaurant, we talked about her upcoming blog, the blogosphere enchantment and how much fun it is. Delighted to report that she did it, put up a blog at the magazine ...and it's so Mary, so comfortable and o-so-cozy. You're going to love it- the coziest corner yet- with room for everyone. xoC


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