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leaning into fall


Yesterday was one of those gorgeous Indian summer days that makes you wish you had chosen it for a special occasion- good day to get married, have a block party, take a boat ride up the Hudson, hike at the farm or enjoy it simply on the back porch with the paper, coffee, family. The Times can easily fill a half day that way. Surprise bonus- Nancy's book had an excellent full-page review in the Book Review. We couldn't agree more and have loved Loving Frank. Aside from the riveting story, her writing is intelligent, imaginative, purely her voice, in my ear as if we were taking a walk and catching up on all things.

Can't spend the whole day out on the lounge though so also made time to go dress shopping with Maggie. Dear, dear friends are sending their firstborn down the aisle next weekend. We are looking forward to the celebration and I think we have tried on a million dresses (and shoes) to find the perfect ones. And who knows if they are? We'll find out when we get there I suppose. Of course, it's not about us or the clothes, but everything should be dreamy that day for Chelseah & Zack and their families- starting with the weather. If only we could have reserved yesterday's forecast for next Saturday. Fingers crossed for one more day like that.

:: SnowmanSigning and sending my Sweet Mountain Holiday snowman to Susan Shintaku for her randomly selected comment on the open door post. Thanks to every one of you for the comments and kind words about the collection and Typepad spotlight. I do appreciate your thoughts and support- each one making my day so much sweeter. Thanks again! xoC   

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