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just two


Here we are home again after our perfect and super busy weekend visit with Erin and John Paul. Lots of photos to review, edit and share later, but I'm dashing around with a laundry list of too many things to catch up on today!

I had a very nice note from Mary Beth who adopted Licorice over at Amy's Inspire Co. She loves her little tea mouse which was wonderful to hear. Also had a petite postcard from Blueberry and Rose staying in touch with news that fall is coming. It's a bit chilly and quieter there without their attic friends. Blueberry is staying busy pulling threads from an old stadium blanket to craft a nose-warmer and Rose is filling her scrapbook with newspaper clippings of their debut when they were the talk of the town.


Stay warm, girls....good things come to those who wait!  xoxoC

cake blindness