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mice and nice


Never even met her, but I do love Amy....Amy Powers from Inspire Co. She is so genuinely kind-hearted and well, so nice. I made these little sweeties for her and her darling shop. They look like they just woke up- quite happy to greet the day, ready to get out and make some playful mischief. Maybe one will come to your kitchen and smile at you when the sun streams in and the tea kettle is singing....hoping you'll go over and see if one strikes you as kind of nice. {Be sure to click on the name of each mouse and read the brilliant and clever bio's that Amy gave to each one. Thanks so much, Amy!}

Nicematters_3 I am flattered that a few kind souls nominated me for that award, Nice Matters. Yes, nice really does matter- it makes a difference. I think all the bloggers I've connected with are that way- which is what has made this so much fun. So, I'm giving the award back to you...all of you, each so nice and then some. xoC

a pin for everything

still summer