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Every once in a while I open a box of things that I packed up to save for whatever reason. There are lots of those boxes. I really want to downsize, but don't know what to do with all the things I think I should save for the girls. Today was not a good day to look at baby treasures and toys, but this one always makes me laugh more than cry. I made it in 1978 for Erin from an old sock orphaned in the wash. Sock Kitty has had a hard life from the beginning- although she was and is loved. But seriously, it took some imagination to play with this sad-faced little sock kitty. Who would have picked her from the mass of sweet colorful toys begging to be played with every day? She looks so dingey, so forlorn- not a speck of pink or a ribbon anywhere. I can't imagine a child thinking, O, kitty! let's play! And I can't remember how much Erin or her sisters cared for her when they were little, except that she's still here. Probably more my attachment than anything else.

A friend recently sent me that book Sock and Glove to reference for a new project we were brainstorming. (I still want to do another book.) It is a darling concept, creations from cast-off socks and gloves except that those charming softies are so bright and clean. Someone needs to cart them around town a little, take them into the garden or the playground, show them some real kid-lovin' like this adored storybook toy. Sock Kitty sure had enough of that, now all grey-on-grey, pilly and smudgey, but she's still doing her bit making us smile. So she's out of the box, perched on the studio shelf today. Queen of all the other handmade cuties beside her. I'd say our dear Sock Kitty's definitely earned her keep-ing.   xoC 

still summer

drifting into blue